Be More Effective


James Caan

James Caan (BBC's Dragon's Den)

"This book is a great tool for any businesses that are looking to defend their margins"

Thomas Power

Thomas Power (CEO Ecademy)

"The best book I've read on sales – directly tackling a problem for many businesses, being asked to drop the price. Whatever you sell this book will save you a fortune by reducing the number and amount of discounts you would have given away"

Jim Hetherton

Jim Hetherton (VP International operations - On Track International)

"Nick has put together in this book an essential toolkit for anyone in sales and negotiations, this is a must read"

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy (Author, The Psychology of Selling)

"Your ability to sell higher priced products against lower priced competition is the key to more sales and higher income – and the book shows you how to do it"

Richard Denny

Richard Denny (Author of 'Selling to Win'. Described by the Times newspapers as 'The master of professional salesmanship')

"In 'The Value House' Nick has a gem of a book. Super, highly practical advice that when followed will close more sales and generate a stack of repeat business"

Dr Ivan Misner

Dr Ivan Misner (NY Times Bestselling Author. CEO and Founder of BNI, the largest Business Networking Club)

"No matter what business you're in, a crucial aspect of your business is sales and this book will help you to sell more, more often, and at a better price. Nick directly and brilliantly tackles the timeless challenge that anyone and everyone in business faces-being asked to drop the price. Read this book and save yourself from years of headaches and lost revenue that can too often result from stressful, back-and-forth, price-negotiation situations"

Will Doherty

Will Doherty (Training Specialist DNATA Emirates Airlines)

"The business in 2011/12 that can define and develop its value chain will be the one that will survive the economic difficulties. This book is a tool kit that will give any sales team the knowledge and skills how to present a professional proposition. The Value House process steps are simple, logical - based on practical experience and best of all - they work!"

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins (author of How to Master the Art of Selling)

"Every sale comes down to whether or not the buyer values keeping their money or exchanging it for your product. In TheValue House, Nick Baldock shows you how to structure your sales to achieve greater than average returns. I highly recommend it."


Dean Clark (Account Director, Adecco Group UK & Ireland)

"In the sales industry for over 25 years, I have sadly experienced many of my colleagues “crumble” during the price negotiation. Markets will continue to remain highly competitive and in this book Nick has superbly illustrated why it is so important to believe in your product/service value and this book provides practical easy to follow methods that ALL sales people should adopt"

Rikki Hunt

Rikki Hunt (Past CEO of Burmah Petroleum Fuels and co-author of Creating a Thinking Organisation)

"I have met many people who could sell but few who could sell consistently at the right price. This book has it all, practical advice, live examples of how and how not to do it, real worth-while exercises, qualified anecdotes and down to earth solutions. A must for all sales people"

Mark Woods

Mark Woods (Author of Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You)

"Nick takes a practical approach to sales that anyone can understand and immediately apply. This book is packed full of ideas, tips and activities that help you position the value of your product or service giving you a massive competitive edge. The Value House is a must read for anyone seeking to increase their income"

Janet Shields

Janet Shields (Chief Learning Officer at Enzymatic Deinking Technologies Atlanta, Georgia)

"Beautifully constructed and full of excellent examples, tools and thought-provoking questions, the Value House is packed with the critical success factors a sales profession needs in today‟s markets. It‟s actually much more than a book. It is a very thorough resource and workbook with everything a sales professional needs to sell on value. A sales professional who seriously uses this resource and follows Nick‟s process will benefit from his insightful counsel and the effective ways he makes his points. As a learning professional, I definitely recommend this resource to sales professionals at all levels -- from those just starting out to sales expertise, The Value House will deliver."