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The Value House Toolkit is a series of 18 different activities that will help the reader develop and fine tune their own value house approach for their business. Each activity builds on the practical advice and tips from the book and enables you to implement the ideas more effectively.

Value House book

Activity one - reasons to build a value house
This is the first of 18 powerful exercises contained in the Value Hose book, each designed to enable you to build a more effective sales approach which protects you from the typical price pressures from prospects and customers.

Value House book

Activity two – the right market and customers
This is the second of 18 powerful exercises contained in the Value House. Choosing where to build your Value House is just like choosing where you want your home to be. You want your house to be on solid fertile ground which in business terms is where you can easily attract the type of customers who will find appeal with what you sell.

Value House book

Activity three – Planning and setting objectives
This is the third of 18 powerful exercises contained in the Value House. It is important in our sales business to have a plan – that is a goal and a workable method of getting there. This activity is the starting point is creating an effective value house plan for your business and needs to be used in combination with the other activities from the Value House in order to gain the maximum benefit.

More free exercise templates and instruction guides will be available soon