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5 Reasons why you have to buy this book...

Win more profitable business

In a competitive world this is a great opportunity to carve out more new business opportunities and to make your value proposition more attractive.

Defend margins and profits

Increase your profit margins even without increasing your overall sales revenue. Sales are vanity – profit is sanity.

Dramatically increase your sales toolkit overnight

The most successful sales people in the world are the ones who have the widest choices of approaches to use; so they can use the most effective one at the right time.

Gain supreme confidence

Having a robust process that engages customers with your value and reduces or eliminates the price pressure will boost your confidence & motivation leading to higher activity and better sales results for you!

Save money and endless time

You can either invest your whole life attempting to learn from the trial and error of your own sales efforts or you can simply apply a world of best practise solutions developed over decades by top sales people and compressed into this one book.



How useful would it be for your salespeople to avoid price resistance?

Whether you are completely new to sales or have many years experience, the ‘Value House’ offers a fresh perspective on an old challenge, the price objection. It has a plethora of ideas and tips for those new to sales and an opportunity for those with experience to challenge some conventional thinking, reshape & refocus their ideas and to build on what they currently do.

Along the way it gives the reader lots of opportunities to build their own value house as the book offers 18 different activities they can do as they go along. The activities will help the reader develop and fine tune their own value house and how they can manage price resistance more proactively and more effectively.

The ‘value House’ is a book about price pressure from customers, which has almost become the salesperson nemesis in most businesses. But are salespeople actually to blame? The’ Value House’ sets out to understand why sales people get and fear price pressure and how best they can respond to it in a difficult economic climate.

The journey of the ‘Value House’ book starts by looking at the likely causes of price pressure and goes on to suggest building a preventive process that can insulate the salesperson from price pressure – a value House. Using the analogy of building of building a house throughout the book, it offers practical approaches and tips to help the reader to build their own value house with activities the reader can do to:

  • Identify the right market to sell to the right people
  • Improve their conversion ratio from interest to order
  • Develop some tactical questions
  • Build a powerful value proposition
  • Cultivate a climate of agreement with their customer
  • Defend and justify their price more effectively
  • Build stronger customer loyalty
  • Seek more referrals & Testimonial letters

As markets are more and more competitive with buyers often spoilt for supplier choice, never has there been a better time for salespeople in every company to have an established and well built ‘Value House’.



James Caan

James Caan (BBC's Dragon's Den)

"This book is a great tool for any business that is looking to defend their margins"

Thomas Power

Thomas Power (CEO Ecademy)

"The best book I've read on sales – directly tackling a problem for many businesses, being asked to drop the price. Whatever you sell this book will save you a fortune by reducing the number and amount of discounts you would have given away"

Jim Hetherton

Jim Hetherton (VP International operations - On Track International)

"Nick has put together in this book an essential toolkit for anyone in sales and negotiations, this is a must read"

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy (Author, The Psychology of Selling)

"Your ability to sell higher priced products against lower priced competition is the key to more sales and higher income – and the book shows you how to do it"

Richard Denny

Richard Denny (Author of 'Selling to Win'. Described by the Times newspapers as 'The master of professional salesmanship')

"In 'The Value House' Nick has a gem of a book. Super, highly practical advice that when followed will close more sales and generate a stack of repeat business"

Janet Shields

Janet Shields (Chief Learning Officer at Enzymatic Deinking Technologies Atlanta, Georgia)

"It's actually much more than a book. It is a very thorough resource and workbook with everything a sales professional needs to sell on value. I definitely recommend this resource to sales professionals at all levels -- from those just starting out to sales expertise, The Value House will deliver"


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